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Writer brains writers' brains!

I often claim to live in the present; the past is a foreign land, and many will know how I feel about those. One of the many implications of this attitude is that I forget... and unfortunately, this includes forgetting 'ideas', which tend to blaze through my awareness only to fizzle in the atmosphere of my ongoing lethargy. When I went to write this post, I finally remembered a meta idea . Oddly, however, I'm intensely proud of having ideas. So, in one more effort to build not this pride upon sand, I thought I'd try to 'open-source' my brain, spending my limited enthusiasm for an idea by writing it on the indestructible clay of the internet instead of merely being intensely distracted for a few hours. What odds that this will be the last post I make on this blog? * Anyway, today's idea, which isn't all that exciting after all that waffle: Auto-completion seems to be pervasive nowadays, what with phones and word processors finishing words, and G