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Comment to change my life

I have more ideas than I know what to do with; sadly, this is not because I'm busy, but more that I lack motivation to make time for my own ideas. This is particularly frustrating for programming projects: I enjoy programming for the sake of it, I really want some things to exist, and I'm ok if I'm the only one who ever uses the program... yet usually I can muster at most 10 hours of enthusiasm for any particular project, of which at least half is spent over-thinking (and under-delivering). So, I thought I'd ask the internet what it thought of some of my programming thought bubbles where I've actually got to the point of writing some code. Tell me something sounds boring, or tell me something sounds great. A single comment either way may inspire me to do something, if only through orneriness. And though I've provided links, they're not likely to be useful. Not one of these is MVP-worthy. PythonRepl is the result of hacking on Skulpt to give it some more Lo