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Who wants the Bourne shell now?

I'm happy that we're not all using COBOL and Fortran.

Unfortunately, we're (almost) all still using some variant of the Bourne shell. There's no reason you have to... unless you want to worry about boring things like other people reading or running your code. So I've spent some time fiddling with es (it's a functional type shell with sane quoting rules; Jordan, you know you want it).


  1. If it stays more active/maintained than e.g., then that's pretty cool.

    But I don't actually ever use a shell so I'm not the target market :P

  2. Well, I promise I'll maintain it till tomorrow ;-) (I'm pretending to be in charge; it was last actually released in the 90s!)

    Surprised you don't ever use a shell, though. No text processing type tasks? How do you do them?


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